specialty cocktails – $10

rasoi specialty house drink!
moscow mule

Boyd & Blair vodka & ginger beer with a twist of lime - $9.00

pomegranate cosmopolitan

boyd & blair vodka, pama liqueur, cointreau, cranberry, lime juice, shaken and served up.

1738 sidecar

remy martin 1738, cointreau, lemon juice, shaken and served up with a sugar rim

dirty martini

boyd & blair vodka, olive brine orange bitters, served chilled

french gimlet

sa gin, st germain, & lime juice served up


boyd vodka & sa gin, lillet blanc served up with a twist

the new cosmo

diep 9 young genever clear creek cranberry liquor, calisaya sweet & sour, lime juice, served chilled

old fashioned

smooth ambler bourbon, muddled sugar angossora bitters, orange with a splash of soda

tequila sunrise

Cimarron blanco, orange juice, blackberry brandy, served in tall glass

smooth manhattan

smooth ambler bourbon, contratto sweet vermouth, shaken and served up

rum punch

el dorado 3 year, grenadine, simple syrup, lime juice, served on the rocks


sa gin, campari, contratto vermouth, served on the rocks

classice margarita

Cimarron blanco, cointreau, fresh lime juice sweet and sour, splash of oj, served on the rocks

the carribbean sailor

mt gay barrel rum, el dorado spiced rum, sprite, bitters, served on the rocks garnished with a lime & cherry